Adoptable Pup Looks for Loving Home!

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Bowie came to The Simon Foundation, Inc. from North Carolina.  Her initial health check revealed she was underweight.  We decided to wait and give Bowie a chance to acclimate to her new surroundings and hopefully gain a few pounds before we proceeded with her  spay surgery.  Bowie was very exciteable so we put her in a quiet kennel to alleviate some of her anxiety.  She had sporadic bouts of vomiting.  We tried special diets prescribed by the vet.  We did x-rays to see if she had a blockage.  Nothing seemed to give us the answer as to why this young dog was failing to thrive.  

After a consultation with a specialist, a second round of x-rays finally revealed the culprit!  Bowie had experienced a traumatic injury early in life that had gone undetected.  There was a hole in her diaphragm, and some of the small intestine had moved through the opening and into her chest cavity.    Surgery was performed to repair the tear and put things where they belonged!  Bowie has recovered and is now ready to find a loving home of her own.  

Bowie is a little over a year old, probably a setter mix, with a beautiful fluffy brindle coat.  She is very active and will need rigorous daily exercise for her mind and body.  This is not a couch potato canine.  She could be a hiker's dream trail companion.  Bowie is dog reactive so we are looking for a handler with experience that will help build her trust and confidence, keeping her on the right path. 

We recommend a family with adults and possibly older teenage children.  She should be the single pet in the household.  Bowie has been through so much already.  It is now Bowie's chance to shine!

If you are interested in adopting Bowie or any of our available dogs, please submit an application to adopt.  We will contact you when we receive your application and guide you through the process.  

Thank You !!!