Lady's Triumph Over Tragedy!

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Lady is a 3 year old Aussie mix that was adopted as a pup.  She had a loving home and she was bonded to her owner.  She was recently surrendered to our foundation when her owner passed away, and his family could not keep her.  They wanted to make sure that she would be cared for and would find a loving permanent home.  It is a difficult decision but one that we have encountered all too often these days.


Lady was frightened, confused and very sad.  We kept her up front with office staff so she would not be alone.  Outfitted with a new collar and leash, she picked a spot under our lunchroom table to rest and observe us from a distance.  Her old leash and collar had been placed on the counter.  Lady quietly crept up and retrieved the old leash and collar, carrying it back under the table with her.  She lay on top of them and began to cry.  This heartbreaking sight moved our staff to tears.  We were determined to move quickly to find Lady a place in a loving home.  


We received a message from a previous adopter that their beloved dog had passed away. They were in no hurry, but if the right dog came along, they would be interested in adopting from us again.  Thankfully, when they heard Lady's story, they were anxious to meet her.  The meet & greet couldn't have gone better.  The family could not resist Lady's sweet manner.  Lady went right up to the boys and accepted all the attention they offered.  Her tail was no longer between her legs, and life had returned to her eyes.  Lady went home with her new family and is living a loved life.  We continue to get wonderful updates and pictures of their adventures.

Lady's New Family

Happy Again !

This year has been a difficult one for everyone. COVID-19 has devastated many families and also their pets.  It is more critical than ever to GIVE WHAT YOU CAN to help the homeless pets in our care. We appreciate your support. Stay safe, take care of your loved ones, your furry family members and help those in need if you can. 


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