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Can't Adopt...Why Not Sponsor a Pet !!!




We understand that there are many of you who would love to adopt a pet, but for whatever reason you may not be able to.  You may already have pets, or your living situation may not be conducive to adopting at this time.  We have many animals that are here for a lengthy stay due to behavior or medical conditions, or sometimes just because of their age or breed.


If you want to help and have an attachment for a particular pet, we offer a SPONSOR A PET program.  You can choose from any of our adoptable pets, and sponsor them for as little as $10 a week.  

If that animal gets adopted, then you can choose another.  We will send you a picture and biography of your sponsored pet and keep you updated on their progress.  You can even set up a time to meet your sponsored animal as long as it is a people friendly pet. To make your sponsor donation click on the tab at the right, mail us a check, or call with a credit card. Please specify the pet you wish to sponsor and give us your contact information. Thank you for your support!



1 Week Cat Care

1 Week Dog Care

1 Month Cat Care

1 Month Dog Care

1 Year Cat Care

1 Year Dog Care

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