Our Adoption Process


We strive to place each of our animals into the home that offers the greatest likelihood of success and permanency.  Our adoption policy is designed to ensure the well being of our animals.

In order to adopt a dog or cat from The Simon Foundation, Inc. you must first fill out an Application to Adopt A Pet.  We will contact your vet reference and your landlord (if you rent your home) to verify your information.  It is helpful if you call your vet and your personal references in advance and give them permission to release your records and to speak with our adoption coordinator. The approval process usually takes 1-2 business days.


All adoptions are done by appointment.  Our adoption counselors will call you to schedule an appointment for you and your family to meet with our adoptable pets, after your application has been approved.


You may submit your application via fax, email, or you may drop one off at our facility during regular business hours.  Print the PDF version of the application (located in the right-hand column) and:


Fax to: (860) 216-5637 or Email to:  adopt@thesimonfoundation.org


If you currently have another dog, you must bring them with you to meet our dogs to ensure they are compatible.  We will not adopt a dog without the dog introduction and interaction.


The Simon Foundation reserves the right to refuse any adoption, for any reason, if we feel it is not a good fit for our animal.  All adoptions may be contingent on a home visit either before or

in special circumstances, after the adoption.  A home visit is conducted so we can see that our animal is going into a safe and loving home, that is suitable for their particular needs.  This visit may be conducted by one of our staff members or by a trained volunteer. 


Adoption Fees:


Dog adoption fees:  Dogs: $300.00+ / Puppies: $400.00+ / Senior Dogs: $175.00* 

                                                                                      (8 years of age and older)

Cat adoption fees:  Kittens:$200.00+ / Adult Cats: $150+ / Senior Cats: $125.00

                                                                                      (8 years of age or older) 


All dogs are provided with the following services prior to adoption:

Spay / Neuter

Age Appropriate Vaccinations
Heartworm Disease Testing


All cats are provided with the following services prior to adoption:

Spay / Neuter

Age Appropriate Vaccinations
FIV/FeLV Testing



In addition, most Simon Foundation dogs receive some basic obedience training from our staff and volunteer members while they reside in our shelter.  This training may include some basic commands and general handling manners.  You may be surprised at how much your newly adopted dog already knows once you get him or her home.  We encourage every adopter to continue to work with their new pet in order to ensure they become good canine citizens and wonderful family companions.


If you have any questions about our adoption process please call us at:

(860) 519-1516 or email:  adopt@thesimonfoundation.org.



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