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Our lives are forever positively changed by this wonderful organization. The Simon foundation is easy to work with, gave us ongoing support and matched us with the perfect dog for our family with young children. We recommend them to anyone looking to expand their pack! 


absolutely the best place to adopt from they really make sure the pet your getting will work for you and your family....Again thanks for everything you have done for Lovey girl before she came to her furever home with us she has been the perfect dog for the last few years since we adopted her I couldn't ask for a more loving obedient pup


Between the the thought that went into building the facility to the wonderful dedicated staff, I highly recommend considering this place for your next adoption, grooming, training and other pet needs


We are so happy after adopting Henry! Danielle was so easy to work with and obviously so dedicated to the cause. Henry was so well cared for and is the happiest pup. We haven’t even heard him bark since we got him last Wednesday. He loves to cuddle and is a super happy boy. It’s clear he was trained and all the information we received prior adoption was true to form. We would gladly recommend TSF for anyone looking for a future furry family member.


Three years ago today I adopted and brought this noodle home from The Simon Foundation. Her name was Bonita- now shes called Kahlua! I’ll never forget when they handed her too me she was so small. The women asked “would you like to see another from the litter?” probably the fastest “no”I have ever said in my life. She healed my heart and continues to bring so much light to our lives everyday. Thank you guys for giving me the best fur baby!!


I adopted my dog, now known as Chloe from there about 2 years ago now. The adoption process was extremely thorough on the foundations part. They would not approve my application for adoption until all speaking with all my references, checking into the information I had marked down, etc. in other words be patient with the application process! This organization really cares about where their animals go, and making sure they get good homes! 


The Simon Foundation has an incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable staff who exercises skill and patience when finding the most compatible partnerships for families and pets. The facility is clean and engaging for the pets. Grooming and obedience training are offered, as well as boarding. The staff encourages follow up phone calls and visits with pets and their forever families, as they love to see the animals grow. We are forever grateful that the Simon Foundation helped us to find our new puppy, Luna. I highly recommend The Simon Foundation for adaption and continued services.


I recently rescued a beautiful boxer dog named Posey, from the Simon Foundation. This was my fifth rescue over the years, all from different facilities. I can’t tell you how friendly and animal loving everyone in this organization is! From the adoption form follow up all the way to the meet and greet, everyone was thoughtful, caring and professional. It’s abundantly clear that that this staff loves these animals like their own and are fully vested in making sure they find their compatible forever home. Danielle and Susan were wonderful to deal with and did an excellent job helping us get Posey introduced to my other dog. The entire process was delightful and I couldn’t be happier with Posey. The Simon Foundation should serve as a model for other rescue organizations to aspire to!


While we’ve always loved the Simon Foundation for blessing us with our perfect babies Nova-Reign and Nanuk... we didn’t know we could love them more until we sent the pups there for a little vacation this weekend!! My babies got to enjoy running around in the training room, go on walks and tons and tons of snuggles. Before we adopted them our dog Kane passes away very tragically, therefore we never leave our dogs alone, and we have an extremely hard time trusting anyone to watch our dogs. While I was nervous bringing my babies to stay there I quickly realized I had nothing to be worried about as I was sent pictures of my babies smiling and having so much fun!! When I picked them up this morning Nova didn’t want to leave and actually had to be picked up to get in the car. The sad looks from them both in the car driving away says everything. 😂 thank you for loving and caring for our babies just as much as we would

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