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Kept your pets safe and cool during

the summer holiday season!

1.  Make sure your pet's license and identification is up to date and securely attached to your dog or cat's collar.  Microchip your pet and keep your information updated.  Make sure you have a recent photograph of your pet available.

2. Exercise your dog early in the morning or evening when temperatures are lower.  Moderation is the key to keeping your pet from overheating.

3.  Always have fresh cool water available and take plenty of drink breaks during exercise and play.

4.  Remove your dog or cat to a quiet space out of the way of heavy traffic when having large parties.  Loud music, running children, new people and open doors are a recipe for stressed out and runaway pets.

5.  Never leave your pet alone in a closed vehicle.  Cars heat up quickly and endanger your best friends life.  Leave them home, and save the car rides for a cooler time.

6.  Do not bring your dog to concerts or fireworks displays.  The loud noises can frighten your dog, and they quickly become disoriented and can stray far from home.

More pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year!

7.  Turn on your tv, radio and fans to mask out the sound of fireworks.

8.  Keep the fun things like chocolate, charcol, glow sticks and alcohol in a safe place that your pet can't access.  These are dangerous to pets.

9. Check to make sure that all your windows have screens secured.  If not, close your windows when you leave.  A frightened dog or cat can easily push through a screen.

10.  Always feel the pavement or surface you will be walking on with your bare hand.  If it is too hot for you, then it is too hot for your pets sensitive paws.

11.  Dogs and cats can suffer from sunburn with too much exposure to direct sunlight.  Make sure they have a cool shady place to relax.

12.  Do not expect your dog to be able to swim.  Always start in a shallow area and have a lead on so you can retrieve your pet if they get into trouble.  If your dog is not a good swimmer, invest in a life jacket and have your pet wear it whenever you are near water.  

13.  Keep your pet safe and healthy year round with flea and tick preventative.

14.  Have a wonderful summer with your furry friends and family.

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